Decisional Engagement Scale (DES-10 and DES-3)

The DES measures patient engagement in the healthcare decision-making process. Patient engagement is vital for supporting patient-centered outcomes, which simply means providing care that emphasizes what matters to the individual patient. The DES-10 is cancer-specific and spans five overlapping domains: diagnostic awareness and acceptance, empowerment, active involvement, information seeking, and planning. The short-form DES-3 correlates highly with the DES-10 and would be acceptable to non-cancer patients as well as healthy adults.

Administration and Scoring
  • Instructions, items, and scoring found in Table 2 of the primary article (more to come) |PDF|

Evidence of Reliability and Validity
  • In the above publication, we document the reliability (Cronbach's alpha = .71-84), factor structure (CFI = .92, sRMR = .04, RMSEA = .04), and concurrent validity with related constructs (d = 0.53-1.06). We have provided a list of publications citing the DES, which will be updated periodically. |DOC|

Permission to Use
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