Verbal-Mathematical-Logical (VML) Test of Cognitive Ability

The VML is a measure of "intelligence," or general cognitive ability. It covers content one might expect on an IQ test or college admissions exam. Many measures of cognitive ability are onerous and/or proprietary and, therefore, expensive. The measure is brief, straightforward, and like all of our scales, free of charge.

Administration and Scoring
  • Instructions, items, and scoring syntax |DOC|

Evidence of Reliability and Validity
  • We used the measure in a study published in Emotion. In support of internal-consistency reliability, Cronbach's alpha was .68, which was reasonable for a 20-item correct-incorrect measure. In support of validity, the measure correlated r = .54 with ACT scores and r = .47 with an Information test similar to the subtest by the same name on the WAIS.

Permission to Use
  • No permission is required to use our measures.
  • Free! Our team has developed several survey measures over the years. Most of these measures were developed with the support of federal, state, intramural, and foundation funds, so they are available free of charge.
  • Modifications? You are welcome to make modifications to "improve" our measures for your population and research question if under the guidance of a psychologist or other professional with expertise in psychometrics. Please note any changes in the methods section of resulting manuscripts.